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Welcome to the APHSA Leadership Corner where we will host conversations to spark inspiration and innovation amongst human serving professionals who are leading the way in their communities. 

This is an ongoing series and the sessions will feature:

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Engage in a virtual environment with the latest expertise from thought leaders in our industry

Interactive Experiences

Participate in lively Q&A discussions and share your own knowledge and experiences

Peer-to-Peer Connections

Reconnect with your peers from across the country

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All sessions include a certificate of attendance for the pursuit of continuing education (CE) credits

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Featured Speakers

Racial Healing and Equity
Gail C. Christopher, D.N., Executive Director
National Collaborative for Health Equity
Wednesday, September 9 | 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM EDT

This session will present insight and resources to help leaders translate declarations of support for racial equity and related calls for action into sustainable engagement and organizational change strategies.

We will explore skills and capacities required for racial healing and transformation, and the research that informs these approaches. This will help leaders navigate tensions and expand  circles of engagement needed to move forward together during  times of rising fear, division and polarization.  This session is about believing in and creating the “we”.

Dr. Gail Christopher is an award-winning social change agent with expertise in the social determinants of health and well-being and in related public policies. She is known for her pioneering work to infuse holistic health and diversity concepts into public sector programs and policy discourse.


My Journey from Boxing Ring to Boardroom: 5 Essential Virtues for Life and Leadership 
Héctor Colón, Servant CEO
President and CEO
Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
Wednesday, October 14 | 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM EDT

There are five essential virtues that influenced Héctor Colón’s path from being bullied – to the boxing room – to the boardroom. These virtues have transformed him into the person and Servant CEO he is today. In his presentation, you will experience Héctor’s provocative, touching and inspirational story. You also will learn how the 5 essential virtues can change you as a person and a leader too.

Héctor Colón is the President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS). Under Colón’s visionary and innovative leadership, LSS has adapted new models and business strategies to increase relevancy and operational efficiency. Colón turned loses of $13 million in the previous decade to over $2.5 million in operating gain in the first two years of his tenure. He recently was named the Nonprofit Executive of the Year by BizTimes Media and the Hispanic Man of the year by UMOS.

Leading Courageously in Crisis: Rules of the Road, Part 2

Nancy F. Koehn, Author and Historian

Wednesday, November 18 | 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM EDT

This session will present critical tools, insights and behaviors for leading courageously in crisis.  We will examine a number of “Rules of the Road” for helping you, your team and your followers navigate through the current crises, including Covid-19, the economic downturn and the campaign for equality and justice.  We will focus on how, in the midst of widespread volatility and high stakes, you can raise the level of your game as a leader.  And we will explore how to motivate your people in a multi-stage crisis as well as how to take care of yourself in this environment.

Nancy F. Koehn is a historian at the Harvard Business School where she holds the James E. Robison chair of Business Administration. Koehn's research focuses on effective leadership and how leaders, past and present, craft lives of purpose, worth, and impact. Her recent book, Forged in Crisis: The Power of Courageous Leadership in Turbulent Times spotlights how five of history’s greatest leaders successfully navigated crises and what we can each learn from their experience.


The Chief Growth Officer: Achieving Breakthrough Growth in Outcomes and Value 
Antonio M. Oftelie, PhD 

Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard
Executive Director, Leadership for a Networked World

Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Wednesday, September 23 | 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM EDT

In turbulent times, many people hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. But not a Chief Growth Officer – they see opportunity to bring forward a new and better world and to change what seems like the unchangeable. A Chief Growth Officer isn’t necessarily one person, a team, or a structure: it’s a mindset to realize the enormous potential of the future. It’s also a methodology. Chief Growth Officers learn that successful transformation hinges on the ability to harmonize growth of outcomes, growth in organizational capacity, and growth in the purpose and identity of people doing the work. This session will help you embrace the challenge of leading organizations, institutions, communities – and yourself – into new levels of growth. 

Dr. Antonio M. Oftelie is Executive Director of Leadership for a Networked World, and an Innovation Fellow at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University (TECH), part of the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. In addition, Antonio is a Board Member of Lutheran Services in America and a member of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland. 

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